Working around the World

When Work Takes You Half Way Around The World

  • Working around the World
    Church of the Nazarene in the Netherlands
  • Interpreting Sunday Worship Service
    Portuguese and Spanish Interpretation teams.
  • Portuguese Interpreter
    Interpreting for the Brazilian Delegation in the Netherlands


It is no secret that I LOVE my job as a Portuguese Interpreter, but I just added another reason why I love it, the travel abroad component is something I certainly don’t mind.

In February, I was invited to work on the 2016 General Board Session of the Church of the Nazarene, which took place in Ede (one hour southeast of Amsterdam) in the Netherlands. As I told some friends about this assignment, one of the most recurring questions was: Do they not have Portuguese Interpreters in the Netherlands, or somewhere closer? The quick answer is I don’t know. The long answer is, they prefer to work with people they know and have some level of expertise in the subject matter.

My history with the General Board Meetings goes back to 2010. I first worked with the Church of the Nazarene on their 2009 General Assembly held in Orlando, FL. Since then I have worked on every General Board Meeting, which is held every year in late February. So I like to say I am somewhat of an expert interpreter in their subject matter, in my language pair of Portuguese <> English.

Covering topics like Global Education, Clergy Development, Missions, Finance, Regional and Global Reports, Worship Services, Preaching and a wide range of other subjects in these meetings, has become quite common to me. Since these meetings require simultaneous interpretation, they need two interpreters for each meeting, since there are often two or more meetings happening simultaneously, that requires at least 4 interpreters for each language. When all of these circumstances are considered, it is not so out of the ordinary that I get called to places like Orlando, Kansas City, Indianapolis, Kentucky, and even to foreign countries to assist as an interpreter.

Another perk of having a long and consistent history with an organization like this, is the fact that after a while, everyone starts to feel like family, so no matter where you end up meeting, you know you will meet, and work, and laugh, and catch up on stories… just like you would with any old friend.

I feel really blessed and privileged to be a part of the work of the Church of the Nazarene. I cherish the people I get to meet and the time I get to spend with them. And lastly, I really don’t mind when my work takes me half way around the world, to do something I am really passionate about.

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