Portuguese interpreter

New Trend on Sight Translation of Text Messages

I was recently asked to translate a few words, which apparently included some offensive language. No problem, I jumped right on it and translated, giving some insight about the cultural use of those words, but in general just translating the word from Portuguese to English.


A few days later, the same client asked me if I was willing to depose as an expert witness on the case involving the foul language previously translated. With some skepticism of what could be asked of me, I requested to be provided with a full version of the conversation that included those words. The client did as requested, and as I looked through the conversation, I saw that more than half of the supposed offensive language was simply part of a regular chat between two adults who were indeed using offensive language, but not in an offensive manner.


Furthermore I came across lots of misspellings, sarcasm and shorthand, which were all very circumstantial at best. Considering the context and perceivable tone of the conversation, I was able to advise the client that more would be needed in order to prove misconduct in the workplace. My advice was well received and they researched and found additional supporting evidence, which ultimately helped them win the case.


In situations such as these, experience comes in as a valuable asset. Had I not known what the intended use of that translation was, I would never be able to raise a red flag. Having worked on both sides (plaintiff and defense), I gained enough experience to pick up on “small” details that make a “big” difference. Any bilingual can translate, but it takes a professional linguist to pick up on nuances and deliver the appropriate message.


Thanks for taking the time to read this brief note, and I hope I have helped you to make a wiser decision.

Dignitary Darcisio Perondi, Assemblyman of Rio Grande do Sul, BR.

Interpreting for Brazilian Assemblyman at Bloomberg Philanthropies

During this assignment I had the honor of interpreting for Brazilian Assemblyman Darcisio Perondi, during a two day meeting in NYC at Bloomberg Philanthropies in a meeting on Tobacco Control.

In a star-studded 2 day meeting, Bloomberg Philanthropies gathered bright minds, political and social representatives to share their efforts, achievements and plans on Tobacco Control. We covered the progress made in different parts of the world, analyzed and discussed old and new advertising promotions (weaknesses and strengths), listened to scientists and IT people speaking of how we can be better equipped to fight against the giants of the Tobacco industry.

There was certainly a considerable amount of pressure having to perform simultaneous interpretation during presentations of people in IT and all of the technical vocabulary involved, as it was also with the scientists; during assignments such as these, preparation is a key process in order to deliver the message accurately and timely.

Dignitary Darcisio Perondi, Assemblyman of Rio Grande do Sul, BR.

Interpreter Everton Morais working for Assemblyman Darcisio Perondi at Bloomberg Philanthropy, 2013.

State Testing Translator/Interpreter

New York State Testing – Portuguese Translator

Portuguese Translator

Portuguese Translator for State Tests 1st through 12th grade

For the past 3 years I have been working with several different Schools in Westchester County, to aid  ESL students during the state testing program.

It brings me great joy to be able to help these students be part of this exercise. Teachers often ask me to give some feedback on the student as to what the performance was like when the student has the benefit of using his or her native language, this input sometimes results in providing the student with the appropriate additional help if needed.


Interpreting in PA during the 32 BJ SEIU 2014 Executive Board Retreat.

Simultaneous Interpretation in Pennsylvania

Interpreting in PA during the 32 BJ SEIU 2014 Executive Board Retreat.

Interpreting at the 32BJ SEIU 2014 Executive Board Retreat.

On June 4, 2014, I was the Portuguese Interpreter during the 2014 Executive Board Retreat of 32BJ SEIU (the largest property service workers union in the United States, representing more than 120,000 members..) This was an 2 day event, filled with reports, ice-breakers, and other group exercises.

In this picture I stand next to Hector Figueroa, the charismatic and enthusiastic President  of 32BJ Service Employees International Union. Hector is an accomplished activist, who brings with him a rich history around Labor Movements.

During this assignment I interpreted on the early history of 32BJ, the role of the Executive Board Members, the relationship between 32BJ and SEIU, budgeting, accomplishments and future goals.







Interpreting for Tom Wolf

Interpreting for Tom Wolf (Democratic Candidate for Pennsylvania gubernatorial election, 2014 )


Also during this event, I had the opportunity to interpret for Tom Wolfbusinessman who is the Democratic Party nominee for Governor of Pennsylvania in the 2014 election. He was the guest speaker during the luncheon, where he thanked 32BJ for their political contribution, for their support and for the work that 32BJ has done on behalf of the working class, he also highlighted a few of the key points he hopes to accomplish if elected. At the end of his speech Mr. Wolf had a brief Q&A session with the members of the Executive Board.