Portuguese Interpreting for Institute of International Education in US-Brazil Academic Partnership Workshop

Simultaneous Portuguese Interpreter for U.S.-Brazil Academic Partnerships Workshop

Portuguese Interpreter in NYC for US-Brazil Academic Partnership Workshop at IIE

Portuguese Interpreter for IIE’s US-Brazil Academic Partnership Workshop in New York, September 29-30th, 2014


Portuguese Interpreting for Institute of International Education in US-Brazil Academic Partnership Workshop

US-Brazil Academic Partnership Workshop

September 29th and 30th, 2014.

In a recent assignment I had the honor to work as a Simultaneous Portuguese Interpreter with the Institute of International Education– a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to advance international education and access to education worldwide. This time I was surrounded by brilliant academic minds, working together to further the interests of the global academic community during the U.S.-Brazil Academic Partnerships Workshop.

Nearly 50 representatives from approximately 30 US and Brazilian Higher Education Institutions joined their minds in a lively discussion of the challenges, opportunities and successes of the internationalization of education, going way beyond a student exchange program, by discussing programs that create the possibility to exchange students, faculty, ideas and researches.

In this conference I was able to provide them with simultaneous interpretation services including equipment, booth and a booth partner. My clients and their guests were really pleased with our performance, which bridged the language barrier and helped their event to be as dynamic and effective as they intended it to be.

The use of wireless equipment made it possible for all participants to freely make their contributions and know they were being understood by everyone in the room, all without having to add to the conference time, as would have been the case if they had chosen to use a consecutive interpreting method.

Another task accomplished, another happy client. More importantly, I left with a deeper understanding of international education, a richer bilingual vocabulary in the field and a very unique experience of hearing first hand how the future of education in Brazil and the US is shaping up.

I love being a Simultaneous Portuguese Interpreter as it constantly challenges me to learn new vocabulary, concepts, ideas and strategies.

Portuguese interpreter

New Trend on Sight Translation of Text Messages

I was recently asked to translate a few words, which apparently included some offensive language. No problem, I jumped right on it and translated, giving some insight about the cultural use of those words, but in general just translating the word from Portuguese to English.


A few days later, the same client asked me if I was willing to depose as an expert witness on the case involving the foul language previously translated. With some skepticism of what could be asked of me, I requested to be provided with a full version of the conversation that included those words. The client did as requested, and as I looked through the conversation, I saw that more than half of the supposed offensive language was simply part of a regular chat between two adults who were indeed using offensive language, but not in an offensive manner.


Furthermore I came across lots of misspellings, sarcasm and shorthand, which were all very circumstantial at best. Considering the context and perceivable tone of the conversation, I was able to advise the client that more would be needed in order to prove misconduct in the workplace. My advice was well received and they researched and found additional supporting evidence, which ultimately helped them win the case.


In situations such as these, experience comes in as a valuable asset. Had I not known what the intended use of that translation was, I would never be able to raise a red flag. Having worked on both sides (plaintiff and defense), I gained enough experience to pick up on “small” details that make a “big” difference. Any bilingual can translate, but it takes a professional linguist to pick up on nuances and deliver the appropriate message.


Thanks for taking the time to read this brief note, and I hope I have helped you to make a wiser decision.

OTC (Offshore Technology Conference) 2014 Portuguese English Interpreting Escort Interpreting

Escort Interpreting at Offshore Technology Conference 2014

OTC (Offshore Technology Conference) 2014 Portuguese English Interpreting

Reliant Stadium, Houston, TX


On May 5th, I was hired by a Brazilian businessman to accompany him to this 4-day event, doing Escort Interpreting at the OTC.

So Escort Interpreting, is when you accompany a single person and interpret whatever conversations he or she is having with another person or group.

Once again I was faced with having to learn a new vocabulary in English and Portuguese, this time in the oil and gas sector. So in preparation for this assignment I started to do a little research on the terminology used in this industry by looking at some of the big players like FMC, Aker, Technip, GE Oil&Gas, Cameron, Schlumberger, and Halliburton; where I learned about some ingenious developments like the Offshore Footless Loading Arm (Braço de Carga sem Base para Offshore) and Seismic Guided Drilling [Perfuração por Guia Sísmico)(SGD).

In short, I did feel under a bit of pressure by having someone fly me from New York City, NY to Houston, TX for such an event (108,000 attendees); but in the end I felt that doing my homework made a big difference in my performance. My client was very happy and has informed me of his intention to continue to use my services in his efforts to generate some international business.



Founded in 1969, the Offshore Technology Conference is the world’s foremost event for the development of offshore resources in the fields of drilling, exploration, production, and environmental protection. OTC is held annually at Reliant Park in Houston.

OTC gives you access to leading-edge technical information, the industry’s largest equipment exhibition, and valuable new professional contacts. Here’s how:

  • Quality: Technical program selected by knowledgeable and experienced professionals.
  • Value: See ground-breaking innovations and meet the leading providers of products and services in just four days.
  • Convenience: 174 nonstop flights, world-class venues and hotels, and nearby public transportation.
  • Easy to Plan: Always the first full week of May every year.
  • Networking: More than 90,000 professionals from 120+ countries are there.
  • In the World’s Energy Capital: Combine OTC with client meetings, business proposals, and company training.
  • Investing Back in the Industry: OTC’s sponsoring organizations use revenue to provide many other important programs for its members, such as training and technical journals.
  • Always Something New: Encounter different languages being spoken, never-seen-before technologies, and C-suite speakers that you might not hear anywhere else.




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