Portuguese Translator

In my work as a Portuguese Translator, I have had the chance to work on a wide variety of subjects, which always helps to increase my vocabulary in both languages.

One of my first jobs as a Portuguese Translator, was to translate a few articles generally about IT, the pay on those assignments was so low I think it barely paid for the electricity I used up while working on it. However, my passion for working with languages made me see beyond the monetary compensation and look at it as a stepping-stone into a new career, and so it was.

I also remember my first Contract Translation, it was an insurance contract. The job was considered too big for the deadline, and as other translators passed on it, knowing they could not complete the work in the allotted time, I ended up standing out as one of the few people willing to take the assignment. I worked about 26 hours straight, no sleep, and handed the completed assignment on time. The next day, much to my disappointment, the project manager contacted me saying that she would not be able to pay me for my work, she went on to explain how these types of translations need to be done with the assistance of a translation software, which helps to maintain a standard and consistency throughout the document. This time I learned not only new vocabulary, but also the importance of analyzing first what is expected from your client. So I researched and learned about the different types of software that are available, when to use an editor, when to use a proofreader, and the small but all important difference between translating, editing and proofreading.

Since my humble beginnings as a Portuguese Translator, I have learned how to deal with large-scale documents, I have translated marketing materials for a machine to clean train tracks, I worked on many documents distributed by FEMA in our area (New York, New Jersey, Connecticut) to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy; a Samsung Tutorial for one of their smart-TV’s, I translated materials used by the Catholic Church in Brazil, Medical findings in the field of cancer and neurological diseases and much more.

Some of my experience as a Portuguese Translator include some of the following types of documents:

Resumés  |  Witness Statements  |  School Transcripts  |  Diplomas  |  Birth Certificates  |  Marriage Certificates  |  Death Certificates  |  Identification Cards  |  Bank Statements  |  Property Deeds  |  Police Reports  |  Bylaws  |  Religious Constitutions  |  Religious Reports  |  Religious Articles  |  Automotive Brochure  |  Railroad Machinery  |  Medical Findings  |  Income Tax  |  and more.

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Please contact me for an accurate price quote as different factors (how technical, how long, format, turnaround time…) influence the price.

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Everton Morais: Portuguese Translator