Brazilian Portuguese Conference Interpreter for Pfizer

Interpreter for Pfizer

Brazilian Portuguese Conference Interpreter NYC

Portuguese Interpreter for Pharmaceutical Conference (Pfizer OWN IT)

On March 26th, 2015, I was hired to interpret several presentations from key leaders including CEO Ian Read, as they addressed global attendees on Pfizer’s culture.

There is a new trend in conference interpreting where we can do our work from a remote office using phone lines and a live WebX for image feed. Although there is still room for improvement, the technology enables simultaneous interpreting to take place without the need to use sound proof booths, and onsite transmitters. Better yet, there is the potential for global reach to anyone with an internet connection or a simple phone line.

Being active and utilizing different technologies to get the job done, keeps my mind open about different ways my service can be delivered in order to be the most effective and efficient for my clients.

Portuguese Interpreter for Pfizer

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