Interpreter for Construction Industry

In April 2015, I was hired to interpret a 3-day training session for Laticrete International. A group of reps traveled from Portugal to Bethany CT, to participate in a dynamic training session with expert staff members, learning about some of Laticrete’s application systems.


Through intensive classroom sessions and multiple hands on demos, the participants learned about the specifications of products, surface preparation, primers and finish coatings, in addition to a factory tour.


Through the use simultaneous interpretation throughout the entire event, the participants were able to be properly trained in their native language (Portuguese), have active involvement by asking questions pertinent to their specific needs, and gain valuable knowledge about new coatings like the Spartacote system.


The vocabulary was technical and the schedule was full, but my colleague and I worked hard to ensure that the international guests enjoyed the same privileges and had access to the same information the other more English proficient participants had.


Laticrete’s headquarters has an awesome environment, co-workers really seem to treat each other like family, they are innovative, extremely knowledgeable about their industry, and have a global presence that continues to grow. I am looking forward to helping them again in future events.

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