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Translation equipment for rent
Interpretation Equipment for rent
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Interpretation Equipment for rent
Interpretation Equipment
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Interpretation Equipment Rental – I also offer a basic line of interpretation equipment for rent to clients and other fellow interpreters. While some people have experience in setting up events that deal with foreign guests, others are doing it for the very first time. I can help you with the interpreters you need and all the interpretation equipment they need to do a great job.

Working as a freelancer for other agencies, I often encountered situations where I could not perform a better job due to the lack of the appropriate equipment to perform the task at hand. In an effort to better serve my clients, I take the time to understand what the needs are, and present viable options. Your satisfaction is one of my priorities. Having my own interpretation equipment, allows me to guarantee that the equipment will be on-site, on-time, no delays, no surprises.

In addition, I can offer packages at lower prices than the competition. Near or far, small or large, stationary or portable, wherever and whenever you need, you can count on me to supply your translation and interpretation needs. If the space is limited, our table-top sound reducing booths are just the right fit. At a size of 2’X4′, these booths can easily fit on just about any table and are able to provide sufficient sound proofing to make your multilingual occasion flow seamlessly.

Having the appropriate type of equipment and set-up will not only generate a high quality result, but it can also prevent major issues.

  • Multi Channel Transmitters
  • IC-2 Consoles
  • Multi Channel Receivers
  • Table-top booths (Porta-Pack TB-0070 – Product Specs)

Please call (914) 557-6200, e-mail at or use the form below to send me a Request for Quote, I will be happy to help you determine what your needs are and provide the appropriate solution. Allow me help you make your next conference or meeting a success.     Interpretation Equipment | Interpretation Equipment | Interpretation Equipment | Interpretation Equipment | Interpretation Equipment | Interpretation Equipment | Interpretation Equipment | Interpretation Equipment |