6th Brazil Unlisted - Bradesco

6th Brazil Unlisted Conference – Bradesco

6th Brazil Unlisted Conference – Bradesco

On April 2016, I was hired by Bradesco Securities in NY, to interpret at their 6th Brazil Unlisted Conference. This is a conference where Bradesco brings together some of their large corporate clients who are considering the possibility of having an IPO in the near future. For two days, the main officers of such corporations have the change of visiting the NYSE, participating in presentations from both fund managers as well as other companies who recently went public.


There is one additional component to this event, maybe the core of it in my opinion, which is the one-on-one meetings with fund managers who have interest in their specific industry. These meetings last for about 50 minutes where the company makes a presentation to the fund manager as if they were doing their roadshow prior to an IPO. Fund managers have the opportunity to ask whatever questions they consider important, and eventually the companies get some feedback on how they can improve their presentation.


This is a win-win situation; the funds come out with some great industry specific data, and the corporations gain experience on what steps they must follow in order to have a successful IPO.


As the interpreter assigned to Grupo Mateus (a multichannel retail/wholesale/distribution company with revenues of nearly 5 billion Reais in 2016), I had the privilege of meeting the founder Mr. Ilson Mateus and his son Junior. With my support as an interpreter, my client’s limited English proficiency was not an issue during these very technical discussions.


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